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Sunday, December 20, 2009

What to do next year? 2010


What to do next year? Is there any new project available for us?
Time to plan and think forward.
And another new resolution to come....

Maal Hijrah has passed. The award has gone to Tan Sri.
Muslims have come to another NEW YEAR.
XMAS, another 3 days to come.
Heavy snow all over Europe.
Most part of US is now facing extra snow balls with some
part is minus 21 degree. Eurostar stranded, thousands stuck
in midway holiday trip.
Next week come another World's NEW YEAR

So what is in store for us?
PLENTY or only a teaspoon of wealth or just a penny.
Based on latest budget, there a millions to come.
But where will it be landed? GOD knows.....

Another week  left to make a plan with zero budget.

To our friends,
Is there any proposal to let us know?
Let us share together.

Happy New Year to all.

1 comment:

Cik Suu Chee said...

Once our mind would be bogged down. As a Islamic genuine, to Allah swt only our place complaining and request for prayer and indication. May us given direction. Waallahualam.