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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rajoo said " Upin.. fikir masa depan" (Consider your future)

Taken from the movie "Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula" Feb 2009,
the above words from Rajoo is well said. What ever we want to do,
before doing it, we must consider every angle. Not just for the sake
of doing it like Upin and Ipin, even the experience of doing it was
very interesting and challenging. Pity for Rajoo who always in a
scary scene and become a toy boy facing a joke and thrilling
experience. For Upin and Ipin, they enjoyed every moment of
their adventure.

But of course, when you watch the movie, their ending will be
much more fun, full of excitement, relieve and happy ending.

In an agriculture project such as chili planting, the risk is quite
similar to this event. But the ending is different and most
of the time its depend on your luck and timing. The market
price is not stable even most of the time is on uptrend and stable.

You will feel very excited to see how easy to get the profit
from the working paper. You plant 5000, you will get RM20K
profit. The ROI is only 3 cycle and so on.....
But bear in mind that the chili output is not guaranteed.
So many factors involve like the quality of seed used, the
fertiliser, pesticide, the technique of handling the fertigation system,
the pruning, the area and composite media etc.

If you are using the fertigation system, you must know how
to do proper rationing of your liquid fertiliser called A and B.
It is not only that, you must also use an efficient system
to monitor the flow and timing device to avoid over flooded
or insufficient plant feeding. If your piping clogged at any
one point, your plant will die.

Yes, as what Rajoo said that you must think of your future.
But you can not just sit there and think. You must get moving
like what Upin and Ipin did. And the drama is keep on going.

Then again, here we are now at CILI PENDANG.
Last week, we just have tranfered another batch of chili plant
to our farm after we were hit by a tsunami on our
3rd batch of 1K plant last August.
Total lost and collapsed.
But we are lucky enough to re-used the polybag
for our Lady Finger plant for trial.

This time around we really hope to recover back whatever
we lost. We will do it our best to apply the proper way and
method that we have learnt from previous experience.
The layout of our piping need to re-arrange to suit the
new location. Since we use thread joint instead of glue
fixed PVC piping, this work is quite easy.

Some of the pipes need to be cut and added some extra
assy to complete the loop. It will take few days for us to
do this set up. For several days, we do manual spray
by using the small pump.

Ariosssss...... and be happy.

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