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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Msia political parties in a hot soup, MCA, UMNO, MIC and PAS

The unfolded events in the last few days here,
was a good indication to see how far and how hot the
situation in every political parties here.
For those who are ignorant or how naive they are toward politics,
one is able to gauge from these dramas. The outcome is not
a business as usual as reported in the media and bulletins.

We take a look at every event in each party:-

1. MCA - Malaysian Chinese Association (not a malay word)
    Saturday was an EGM for this party for delegates to vote due to
power struggle between Mr.President and the Deputy.
The result as every body knows, both were thrown out.
And now MCA is running like a goose without a head.
This case is happens many times since the early history of MCA.
Shortly before this, was a power struggle between Team A and Team B
during Liong Sik and Lim Ah Lek.

2. UMNO - United Malay National Organisation (not a malay word)
    Last night was a joy evening for members of this party especially
for all the big heads. Former MB of N9 state Md Isa won with big
majority of 5K plus.Good choice for Bagan Pinang folks but is it good
for all Malaysians?
Malaysians should reverse back back a while to see how fast people
tend to forget. Md Isa was found guilty by his party during campaigning
for Vice President post of money politic. Meaning that he is not clean
and was buying votes before.
But now, he is on his track again climbing up the UMNO ladder.
Who knows one day he will be a big guy as Malaysians top leader.
Much bigger than his size. People say "old habit die hard".
It is a sad episode for UMNO and Malaysians as well.

3. MIC - Malaysian Indian Congress (not a malay word)
   Malaysian prime Minister, Najib Razak was seen launching
a new Indian party last night, Makkal Sakti.
Rumous is ongoing that this party will be an alternative to or may be
will replace an old Indian party, MIC. Deputy President Mr.
Palanivel got an endorsement from Samy Vellu who is the longest party
President of Malaysian history and win the post on silver platter. He said
MIC is the only Indian party which serve the Indian community since
achieving Merdeka day. And Indians should not forget this.
But nowadays people did not look at the party as a whole. People see who
is running the party and mostly has become fed up with old horses which
is almost impossible to be replaced. They run the party like their own family
instead of for Malaysians in general. Yes, this happens to most Malaysian
political parties even in UMNO itself.

4. PAS - Parti Islam Se-Malaysia ( the malay word)
    After been through so many by-elections with a record of big winner,
last night this party lost the battle in Bagan Pinang.
Being a moderate party with a very limited resources and fund, PAS
managed to grab 2,578 votes versus 8,013 for BN.
It is good to clear out the some ego and reduce the erogant level among
PAS supporters.
There are many theories and commentaries from this result
depend on which side its come from. For sure most political
activists appeared on TV inclined to government of the day.
They wants to be a celebrity similar to other top Malaysian leaders.

But as a Malaysian, we must listen to all views.
Then, voice out the opinion for good to all of us.

For now at least Malaysian voters have a balance parties to choose from.
Be it from Barisan Nasional party (UMNO, MCA, MIC, etc) or Pakatan Rakyat
(PAS, PKR, DAP). Then we need to choose the one that will open our eyes
and mind to be more progressive in term of physical well being, spirituality,
matured mentality, knowledge based community and to cater for our children
prosperity and safe journey.

Our future is depend on how good our politicians are in managing
our country. And our politicians in depend on us and how good
we choose them. If we are among the idiots, then we have all idiots
politicians running our country backward.

(The funny thing is most of Malaysian political organization does not carry
a malay word. How can they claimed that they represent Malaysian community.
Even the one that claimed they struggle for Malays does not carry a Malay word.
Yes, Malaysian political parties are based on race.
It is far from being a Malaysian.)

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