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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It is YOU that care, Pak Tani

This is an old story.

Sometime back, during my really hard time struggling to live and stay
alive among KL city folks, there was one phrase that I kept to myself.
" Either be killed or you killed".It sound really bad though, but mind
and mental psychology played important part to boost your confident
level to go on.

That is to show how hard the life can be at one point of our life cycle.
Yes, in the 80's when there was an economic slowdown, so many
jobless people, limited resources and everybody need job to support
a living. People had no buying power and less money. Even roti canai
only cost you 25 cent to compare 80 cent today. Breakfast costs you
only 90 cent for 2 pcs "flying bread" and "teh tarik". But many people
could not afford to pay. By then, many Uniphone workers still owe
me their debt in 555 book as well as "L" constables. In that days,
there was a morning convoys of police on bikes and land rovers
doing the driving training. They would stop by for a break at our stall
and at least it help our business going. But for how long?
How to roll your daily business if people eat and many did not pay?.

Yes, to survive, it will depend on your own creativity to get an income.

Many things that you can do, a dish washer at mamak stall, a burger seller,
open a "pisang goreng" stall, or selling roti canai by the roadside, you
name it I had become one. During Ramadhan when I got nothing
to do as most business were closed, then National Mosque was a life
saver where you could get a free meal once a day in the evening.

I even applied for a PSV licence to become a taxi driver. Finally
I managed to get a job as a lorry driver at Old Klang road with
RM 450 a month. It was last until the economy came back to normal.
May be my journey is not as lucky as you are.
Just to note that out there there are many more people which are
worst than us striving everyday to get food. But then to be among
success people, you must follow their foot step. Millionaires footstep.
"Bergerak biar ke depan bukan ke belakang"

Moral of the story.
It is you that care, Pak Tani. It depend on you to help yourself.
People will only see you from a far and judge you whether you
are a loser or a winner.

So you need to put a grip in your mind that if you want to
be a winner then work hard. It does not matter even it take
5 to 10 years to succeed.
"Thing does not come easy"

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