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Monday, October 5, 2009

Big Lizards in Cili Pendang

Last week we were putting some medicine to 
avoid big lizards from entering Cili Pendang
Many of them inhabit in the pool next to our farm,
bordering from padi field. They like to stay here due to
isolated place with porous ground and water. Lots of
fish such as "haruan, keli, sepat" and talapia which
growing here become their easy pray.

This step (to reduce the lizards) is taken to ensure the
safety of our ducks. It would be easy for us to keep
the lizard away in daylight as we are able to see them coming.
But during night time, many thing will happen even if we put
proper fencing and keep our ducks inside closed house.

Few days after, we saw 4 big lizards lying at the end
corner of our farm. Three of them, size as big as
banana tree were put to sleep. We buried them away
to keep from other animals or python.

Yesterday as we were clearing the bush and burnt
some dried old tree, there was an awful smell coming
from north wind. After we searched around, again
there was one bid lizard in the padi field next to our
farm. It was quite similar to Komodo, the one that
shown in NatGeo TV channel.

Now we feel a bit safer and at least not to worry
much during our night sleep. It is not easy to keep
our farm from hazardous animals as it is surrounded
by other bushes and small little jungle.

Our hope, the duckling sound will sing happily in 
Cili Pendang.

1 comment:

Nizar - Project Manager said...

Is it wrong to kill an animal
that threatened us or our pets?