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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It 's really tough to be a farmer

Yes, it's very tough to be a farmer. In reality, a farmer need to work triple harder than office worker to earn same amount of money monthly. This is apply to a normal farmer without big capital investment, working in his own land or family heritage asset. Example, to earn a clean RM 2,500 monthly say like a fresh engineer. A farmer must have approx. 10 lots of padi field to do in one season of 4 - 5 months or he need to maintain at least more than 5ooo chili plants, or tapping few acres of rubber every single day. Do you think a person of 20 to 25 years of age will dream to become a farmer? An engineer may have his 15-20 years of education and a farmer depends on his land to work with as a capital. Both must have a basis to start with. In short, it is not everyone can be a farmer like not everyone can be an engineer. You must have some basic to do things. Meaning "the real farmer" and to be the successful farmer or "the chosen ones", you must be a very determine person. You need to have a proper criteria and graduated from certain grade or skill before you can join as an apprentice. Among the basic needs is in term of physical appearance, mentally fitted and courage. Physically tough to do labour work and ability to endure the hardship. And you must have grown up in a farmer's family to gain this basic. We are in fact were born in a family of padi farmer. But having grown up in urban city made us much more vulnerable to change life in farming village. Our body is weak and our mind were tuned to leisure and easy going. We landed in this profession due to economic slow down worldwide. Our One Malaysia could not run from it despite the promised every single day by out top leaders at early stage of crisis. " Malaysia will not hit by recession. Our economic fundamental is strong. Our reserve is able to sustain, bla..bla..bla..... ". So without much choice on our side, we bumped in. And when the time come to face the test, we are not fully prepared. Our old man is gone and no more to guide us. We have no one to turn to for a professional advise. Then here we are......... Another cycle of farming activities need to do. We hope our reserve is able to sustain this economic downturn. With God blessing.

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