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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tok Guru vs Tok Muhyidin - Both are politicians, so as our leaders

Farmer morning talk. From our local news headline and bulletins, you know that both of them are against each other. See how they talk in TV news and how each media carry their article to show how true they are. But mind you, they are both our leaders. Top leaders some more and each hold a very high post. Never mind that they represent different group of people, but they both talk on behalf of Malaysians as a whole. For people like Pak Tani, the way they give statement and advise will create confusion and divide among Malaysians. It will not strengthen the motto set by our PM, "1M". One said 'Anwar pengkhianat bangsa" This is a very disaster statement. "ayat bahaya ni..." In one mainstream media UM, he said as below:- “Saya nak beri amaran kepada orang Melayu jangan dengar cakap pemimpin Pas yang cakap tidak serupa bikin, dia kata nak membangun bersama Islam tetapi dia buat hal-hal yang membawa kesan buruk kepada masyarakat,” katanya. The other one said "tak apa DAP cakap macam tu pasal depa tak paham Islam". "Jadi kita kena terangkan pada depa." These 2 top leaders are arguing and get us involve together with them. So for those normal people which are plain thinking and naive, it is difficult to understand this drama and will take it as it is. But for politicians, they will use this as a platform to promote themselves higher and become popular. Then we can see many amateur politicians in lower rank such division level will start screaming and follow which ever side they are for political gain. Finally, majority of people will be in 2 big different groups with their own views opposing each other. Even for vast majority of Malay, it will be head to head to protect their leader's right. Take note that the hardcore followers of these 2 leaders are not in small groups and its cover the whole of Malaysians, East Coast to West Coast, North to South and across the country. The end result later will split us further apart instead of become united One Malaysia and live in harmony. So we the followers of our leaders must tell them that even if they represent us, they can not simply talk nonsense. They must consider the sense every Malaysians and use their head, not their knee. And again, we should absorb both side of the drama, pros and cons before we come to our judgement. Be wise enough even though we are just a farmer.

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