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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Day, Sad Day, Wedding Day and Happy Birthday 080809

3 days passed by with so many memories. Sweet moment, sad, happy, suspense, frightening, exhausting and challenging. Friday noon, we went to Abang Usop's house for his daughter's wedding grand preparation. Mostly women and old folks were doing the kitchen thing i.e cutting onions, vegetables, fried fish, "sambal belacan" and sliced pineapple etc. And for men, they crowded at one place to chit chat because their work turn will only be next morning after subuh prayer. It was very interesting to see so many "kampung" people, young, old and small kids in these one house compound. Next day was a great day. 080809 was our sister in law birthday. But no birthday party as we considered it a two in one celebration. She got birthday message from her son in Australia but not from his other son in KPM Seri Iskandar even it just near Ipoh. May be he was busy with his study. Food for wedding?. There was no "nasi kawah" as they prepared "Apollo styled" wedding rice. You can see the cooking equipment in the photo. Rice was filled and layered on the big pan. Then fully filled with water and arrange above the boiling water before "Apollo" cylinder being lowered down. It will take about 45 minutes for all 10 layer pans full of rice was fully cooked. It was quite an old style of cooking. A lot of other dishes were being prepared included curry meat, "masak kurma", rose fried chicken and "ulam". In the morning, all the workes were given morning rice with "ikan kering" (salted fried fish), sambal, ulam and curry meat "express flavour". From 12 noon to 2 pm were a very crushed hour as most of guests jammed in. Nowadays people just place the order from catering house to avoid the hassle. Among the guests was few "mat Germans" , friends of his youngest son which came to see this Malay wedding ceremony. Another day with another event. By 5pm, we got an urgent call from Kelantan that our uncle was in critical condition and in comma stage and ask us to come back. We called our brothers in Gua Musang to go and see, at least we would be able to delay the trip to next day after we settled all work. We left to Kota Bharu at 4am after few hours sleep. Reach sister's house at Tanah Merah at 9.30. Brothers from Gua Musang arrived at 11am then we went straight to Kota Bharu. Uncle's condition was very serious. No food taken for almost 5 days and in comma. People recited " Surah Yasin" non stop. We spoke to him but no response. All the families and relatives were there. Old man said the secret signs already shown off and we could only pray and doa for God to bless him and ask for forgiveness and safe heaven. After Asar prayer at our old kampung mosque, we dropped by at our mother's grave and offered few doa and prayers. We were heading back to Kedah after 6 pm with mixed feeling. Some how we felt a relief as were able to see him and all our long time close relatives which some of them haven't be met for almost 20 years. " God is great and work in mysteri0us way"


Anonymous said...

wahh..siap ada org jerman lg dtg.hehe..aik,xgtau adik ke soh wish bday kt mama?

Nizar - Project Manager said...

Grand la katakan.
Mesti jemput geng dari oversea. Baru glamour!!!!
Angah dah tau malam sebelum tu, cuma
dia lupa la kot.