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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ramadhan Bazaar in Pendang

During fasting month, Pekan Pendang will be very busy with traffic as people spending their evening session with buying food for family preparing for breaking fast after sunset. Taking place in front of Pendang Square, the bazaar started from noon until 7.30pm every day. Here you are able to find all type of dessert, traditional "kueh", murtabak, roti jala, lepat pisang, cucur udang and even a modern Roti John is available. 

Those people who do not like to cook a home are able to get fish curry head, grilled fish, veggie soup, satay, all type of chicken (grill, bake, fry and steam). The most popular and favourite among all is drink. People are crazy to grab every type of drink as if they have never taste it before. Sugar cane and soya is the most common. Others are coconut drink, cincau, "mata kucing", water melon, blended ice, guava juice etc. 

Please come and see for yourselves. At Pendang Ramadhan Bazaar, you will be having a great day and sweet memory.  
 Selamat Berbuka Puasa pada 7.26 pm di Pendang hari ini.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Menunggu Lapuran dari Jabatan Pertanian

Salam berpuasa untuk warga Muslim OneMsia.

Di bulan puasa ni tak banyak cerita dari Pak Tani. Kebanyakan aktiviti agak perlahan. Tambah pulak hujan tiap-tiap hari. Dah masuk musim "bah" ni kot. Sebahagian pokok cili fasa 2 kami nampak sakit. Tapi bukan lah H1N1. Separuhnya kami nampak nak "kebah" sikit, mungkin ambil masa seminggu dua. Kami dah sembur 2-3 jenis ubat penenang. Tiga empat hari lepas pun kami sekeluarga kena demam. Masih belum sihat. Jadi terpaksa lah ambil MC. Tak masuk kebun lah. Anak-anak pun tak bermaya. Nasib baik lah waktu ni sekolah cuti. Jadi masing-masing lepak kat rumah je. Tak tengok cili pun tak apa pasal polibag dah penuh dengan air hujan. Cukup minum air kosong sepanjang minggu ni. Tak "ON" pam baja pun boleh tahan lagi. Kalau bagi baja AB buat membazir saja di telan hujan. Di bulan posa ni kami bercadang nak sediakan kertas kerja buat pinjaman. Maklum lah nak "standby" untuk buat gantian apabila fasa 3 ribu pokok ni habis edah. Dalam 3 ke 4 bulan lagi mesti tambah lagi 3 ribu pokok. Baru boleh "survive". Kami sedang tunggu laporan dari Jabatan Pertanian yang buat survey dulu. Bolehlah disertakan dalam kertas kerja pinjaman sebagai sokongan. Sepatutnya lapuran tu dah siap kot, cuma kami tak sempat nak masuk pejabat lagi. Jumlah pinjaman dalam $30,000 , tapi keadaan masa kini hanya perlukan dalam $20K. Nak minta pertolongan dari kawan yang dah biasa pinjaman pertanian. Kalau boleh tolong bagi nasihat kat kami dalam bentuk keperluan kertas kerja. Itu pun bagi yang sudi.
Wassalam dari Pak Tani.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cili paling pedas boleh jadi bahan dalam bom

Petikan dari berita hari ini.

Cili paling pedas boleh jadi bahan dalam bom

NEW DELHI: Pertubuhan Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan Pertahanan India (DRDO) berkata, cili paling pedas di dunia, Bhut Jolokia, boleh dijadikan bahan dalam bom tangan dan digunakan pasukan keselamatan negara itu bagi menyuraikan penunjuk perasaan. Ketua Direktorat Sains Hayat DRDO, R B Srivastava, berkata pihaknya yang selesai menjalankan ujian bom tangan daripada spesies cili yang mempunyai tahap pedas 200 kali lebih tinggi daripada cili biasa itu, mendapati ia mengeluarkan bau tajam yang mampu menyekat saluran pernafasan dan menyebabkan mata berair jika dilemparkan kepada perusuh. Selain itu ia juga mampu memaksa mereka keluar dari tempat persembunyian. � Agensi.

--- translation to French ------ Chili mai sont les plus acerbes dans les attentats à la bombe NEW DELHI: Enquêtes Pertubuhan Inde défense et le développement (DRDO) a dit, le plus épicé de piment dans le monde, Bhut Jolokia, pourrait être la bombe du matériel dans les mains des troupes et pour la sécurité de ce pays menyuraikan démonstration. Chef de la direction DRDO Science Hayat, RB Srivastava, a déclaré que de son côté a terminé l'essai de l'attentat de chili les espèces qui ont pimenté une étape de 200 fois plus élevé que d'habitude chili, il a découvert des fumées en mesure d'isoler les voies respiratoires et provoquer le larmoiement, si jeté au terrorisme. En outre, il est également capable de les forcer à sortir de la clandestinité. Agence.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Koleksi Benih Cili untuk di jual. (Pepper Seed for sale).

Bagi penggemar cili sebagai hobi.
Boleh dapatkan benih cili dari sini.

PEP009 Ace ( Sweet Bell Pepper ) 50 days green, 70 days red ripe. Extra early, highly productive. Amazing yields of small to medium sized 3-4 lobed green bell peppers. This hybrid has apparent resistance to blossom drop even in adverse weather. Nearly every flower produces a pepper. The glossy green fruits turn red early. Ace commonly produces heavy crops for Northern growers who have never had any luck in growing peppers before. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP010 Albino ( Sweet Bell Pepper ) New color and taste for gourmet salads. Very early, sweet bell pepper that stays white along time before turning red. Dwarf bush produces medium-sized fruits with thick walls and good disease resistance. Suitable even for the far North. 75-80 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP282 Alma Paprika ( Paprika Pepper ) (70-80 days) Home-prepared seasonings are all the rage these days, and paprika is a kitchen staple that's easy to grow and process. We recommend this variety-the best paprika we've found for drying, grinding, or just plucked straight from the prolific plants and eaten fresh. Thick-walled, sweet fruits start out creamy-white, then mature to orange, and finally red. 15 seeds $2.50

PEP077 Anaheim Chili ( Chile Type Mildly Hot Pepper 3000 Scoville Units ) One of the most popular of the chili peppers. Two celled, medium hot fruits, with medium-thick dark green flesh, ripening to bright red. Continuous bearing, high-yielding, vigorous, bushy, upright, 24 to 30 inch plants provide good foliage cover. Tasty, canned dried, fried, or pickled. 75 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP078 Ancho 101 ( Chile Type Mildly Hot Pepper 2500 Scoville Units ) This pepper is what real Mexicans use to make Chile rellanos. Heart-shaped fruits, 4 by 2-1/2" at the shoulder, have medium-thick walls and turn from blackish-green to rust red as they mature. The richly-flavored mature peppers are often dried and ground into chili peppers. Peppers tape to a blunt point, and wrinkled skin takes on even more character when dried. Plants are 30 to 36" tall with a spreading habit. Dried peppers may be strung into long ropes are made into wreaths. 76-80 days. 25 seeds $2.15

PEP249 Antohi Romanian ( Sweet Frying/Roasting Pepper ) Tasty East European frying pepper. Jan Antohi was a touring acrobat when he defected to the US in late 1991, he visited his family in Romania for the first time in over 8 years, and came back with seeds of this delicious heirloom pepper. Smooth 4" long, 2" wide tapered, pointed fruits ripen from pale yellow to red. Upright plants have good branch strength and yield early and heavily. Days to Maturity: 53 days pale yellow, 78 days red ripe. 15 seeds $2.15

2680 Apache Red Patio Chile Pepper ( Ornamental Very Hot! Pepper 80000 Scoville Units ) F1 Dwarf Chile for patio pot, 3" long fruits all summer, green turning red, 65 days. Package of 10 seeds $3.95

PEP011 Apple ( Sweet Pepper ) 57 days green, 73 days red ripe. Sweet apple taste! The taste of Apple's mature green or red ripe fruits is completely mild, juicy, and sweetly fruity. It's 3-4" top-shaped fruits are more blunt and rounded than lipstick, they average a little heavier, and maturity is a few days later. Medium-sized plants yield well in diverse climates. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP001 Baby Belle ( Sweet Bell Pepper ) These tasty tiny (2" by 2-1/2) sweet bells will certainly be the hit of any salad bar and are just the extra touch for that special gourmet dish. Easily grown in 5 gallon containers. These mostly 4-lobed, emerald green beauties waste no time in turning bright red at full maturity. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 68 days. Package of 20 seeds $1.95

PEP284 Beaver Dam ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper ) (80 days) A Hungarian heirloom named for Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, where it first settled in American soil around 1929. Tapered fruits are crunchy and mildly hot, with excellent flavor, and sturdy enough to lend themselves to stuffing. Fruits mature from bright green to deep red. 15 seeds $2.95

BM23 Bhut Jolokia ( World's Hottest? ) ( Very, Very Hot Pepper! 1,000,000 Plus Scoville Units? ) "Ghost" pepper, alleged to be the world's hottest , use with caution, orange-red, Asian origin,1½", 95 days, said to have been tested out at over one million scoville unit, we recommend using extreme caution handling this one. Package of 10 seeds, $3.95

PEP015 Big Bertha Hybrid ( Sweet Stuffing Pepper ) Outstanding Hybrid noted for it's extra-large size and superior quality. Large, long, seven-inch by four-inch, fruits feature thick walls and mostly four-lobed. Ideal for gourmet gardeners to use as stuffed peppers or for fresh market. The largest elongated bell available is produced on stocky plants, thirty inches tall. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 70 days. 15 seeds $2.95

PEP079 Big Chile Hybrid ( Chile Type Mild Hot Pepper 1500 Scoville Units ) More Chile in every sense! Tremendous yields of mild green chiles in the Anaheim variety, but much larger than Anaheims, up to 40% larger. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP081 Big Jim ( Chile Type Mild Hot Pepper 2000 Scoville Units ) Large, medium-hot, fleshy, tapered fruits, 6 to 10" long, weigh up to 4 oz. Sturdy 24-30" plants yield 24-30 pods per plant which tend to ripen all at the same time. Flowers well, even when hot and dry. 75-80 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP244 Big Red ( Sweet Bell Pepper ) A wonderful open pollinated sweet bell with delicious flavor that grow surprisingly big, sweet, thick walled bells. 75 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP220 Blushing Beauty ( Sweet Bell Pepper ) Completely unique fruits start out ivory white, then brighten to a soft gold with a red dusting, deepening to a glossy orange red and finally darkening to a bright red when mature. 4 inch x 4 inch fruits are thick and extra sweet. Very productive and very easy to grow. Package of 15 seeds, $3.95

PEP082 Bulgarian Carrot Chile ( Chile Type Hot Pepper 2-5 Thousand Scoville Units ) Charming heirloom, who was supposedly smuggled out through the iron curtain 20 years ago. It's florescent fruits are 3-1/2" long, almost glowing in the dark with a brilliant hue-fruity and pungent, adding a delicious tent to marinades, jellies, glazes, and sauces. 65-68 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP276 Buran ( Sweet Pepper ) 89 days. A sweet heirloom pepper from Polan. Grows18-24 inch tall and produces 3 lobed peppers that are about 4 inches long by about 3 inches at the shoulder. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP080 California ( Chile Type Mild Hot Pepper 1-2 Thousand Scoville Units ) Chile class, but so much bigger than you've ever seen! Huge, 8 to 10 inch, 4 oz. fruits with thick flesh and low pungency (about 1/3 the heat of jalapenos) and are delicious roasted, broiled, stripped and diced. Early, too! Compact plants are widely adapted; fruits mature to red but or mostly used green. 68 days. 15 seeds $2.15 15 seeds $2.15

PEP016 California Wonder ( Sweet Stuffing Pepper ) Still the standard of the sweet bells, deep green to red, thick-walled with a attractive glossy flesh. Fruits are medium sized, four inches by four inches, three to four lobed, smooth and blocky. A nice stuffing pepper, high yields are born on high twenty-eight inch plants. 75 days. 25 seeds $1.25

PEP017 Camelot ( Sweet Bell Pepper ) 72 days green, 90 days red ripe. A concentrated set of large, dark green, glossy peppers with square shape and thick flesh. Large upright plants suitable for close spacing. Resists TMV. 15 seeds $2.50

BM24 Cappa Conic White/Red ( For Ornamental Use ) Base branching, cutflower type, multiple strong stems, sprays of fruit, white to orange to red. Grows about 30" tall, good container plant. Package of 10 seeds, $3.95

BM25 Cappa Round Red ( For Ornamental Use ) Base branching, cutflower type, multiple strong stems, sprays of oval fruit, green to red. Grows about 30" tall, good container plant. Package of 10 seeds, $3.95

BM26 Cappa Topfruit White Red ( For Ornamental Use ) Base branching, cutflower type, multiple strong stems, flamelike clusters of conical fruit, white to orange to red. Grows about 30" tall, good container plant. Package of 10 seeds, $3.95

PEP330 Capulin F1 Pepper ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 2000 Scoville Units ) 77 Days. Capulin is an Ancho Mulato type that ripens from dark green to brown at full maturity. The tall sturdy plants produce excellent yields of tapered fruit that are mostly two lobed and measure 5.5" L x 3" W at the shoulder. The fruit are mildly pungent, ripen quite late and are used in many Mexican and Southwest US dishes. Package of 10 seeds $2.95

PEP084 Caribbean Red ( Very Hot Pepper! 300,000 Scoville Units ) What's the hottest pepper you can name? Red Habenero? Red Savina? Not even close! It's our personal belief that none of these scorchers can hold a candle to the heat generated by Red Caribbean's wrinkled little fruits. Officially, the jury still may be out on the world's hottest pepper, but we've seen Caribbean Red come out on top test after test, against scores of other peppers around the world. Blunt, tapered, 1-1/2" fruits rate twice as hot as a typical commercial variety and can be used green, although they will be a little less sweet if harvested early. Plants grow to 30". 110 days. We've seen many different tests, and some have indicated these can go over 300,000 Scoville units, seriously, handle these fruits with gloves, you don't want to rub your eyes after handling these!. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP086 Cayenne Large Red Thick ( Hot Pepper 15000 - 30000 Scoville Units ) Quite, hot, thick-fleshed fruits, 6 inches by 3/4-inch. Used dried, pickled, or in sauces. Concentrated sets of fruits - wrinkled and tapered in curve - are pendantly born on upright plants, ripening from dark green to a brilliant bright color. 75 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP087 Cayenne Long Red Slim ( Hot Pepper 20000 - 30000 Scoville Units ) These long, slender, wrinkled, very hot peppers are especially good for pickles, canning and drying. Brilliant red peppers are no thicker than a pencil. Fiery red, makes excellent chili and home salsa. Two-celled fruits start out dark green, and then ripen to a bright red color. 72 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP286 Chervena Chushka ( Sweet Pepper ) Bulgarian heirloom, traditionally used for roasting but also a great sweet pepper. Flesh is bright-red and very sweet, almost candy-like. Healthy plants produce tapered fruits that are 2" at the shoulder by 6" long, ripens from green to brown to bright red. 85 days from transplant. Package of 15 seeds, $2.25

PEP222 Cherry Pick Hybrid ( Sweet Pepper ) 1¼ inch round fruits are round and uniform in size. Yield from 24 inch tall plants is superb with loads of sweet, dark green fruits that mature to red, but are normally used in the green stage. Use mature red peppers for the best tasting pickled peppers you've ever tasted. Package of 15 seeds, $2.25

2681 Cheyenne Orange Patio Chile Pepper ( Ornamental Hot Pepper 15000 - 30000 Scoville Units ) F1 Dwarf Chile for patio pot, 4" long orange fruits all summer, 65 days. Package of 10 seeds $3.95

BM27 Chilly Chili ( For Ornamental Use ) AAS - F1, 10" high, sweet, child safe, yellow turning red, for 4 to 6" pots. Grows about 10" tall, good container plant. Package of 10 seeds, $3.95

PEP019 Chinese Giant ( Sweet Bell Pepper ) One of the most popular large, midseason mild peppers perfect for home garden. Bell-shaped fruits are large and blocky, with thick walls. ' Sweet-flavored peppers ripen to brilliant cherry red, averaging a huge six inches across and four to five inches deep. 90 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP020 Chocolate Beauty Hybrid ( Sweet Bell Pepper ) A gourmet cook's delight: medium to large, very smooth, three and four lobed fruits rich to green for a very unique chocolate look. Extremely sweet and tasty. Immune to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 85 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP230 Corno Verde Hybrid ( Sweet Pepper ) An incredible pepper, an Italian Chile pepper that is as sweet as a bell pepper. No detectable heat to it. Large, Anaheim looking fruits up to 9 inches long are perfect for roasting, grilling and salads. They are tender, succulent and delicious, they are even large enough for stuffing! 76 days. Package of 15 seeds, $2.25

PEP061 Corno Di Toro Red ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 20000 - 35000 Scoville Units ) "Horn of the Bull" peppers are imported from Italy and feature fruits 8 to 10" long, curved much like a bull's horn. Ripens to a gorgeous red cone at maturity, perfect fresh or cooked. Excellent size and taste. Tall, vigorous plants. 72 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP331 Cowhorn Pepper ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 5000 - 10000 Scoville Units ) Cowhorn Thick curved pods, 8" long, green to red, 75 days Package of 15 seeds $2.25

PEP299 Cyklon ( Very Hot Pepper! 250000 - 300000 Scoville Units ) Polish hot pepper that is quite hot with good flavor. Red, tapered, slightly curved fruits are 2" at the shoulder by 4-5" long. Used extensively by the spice industry in Poland because of its ease of drying. One of the most productive hot peppers we offer. 80 days from transplant. Package of 15 seeds $2.95

PEP298 Fatali ( Very Hot Pepper! 100000-300000 Scoville Units ) One of the hottest peppers we offer. Sturdy plants grow 24-30" tall and are loaded with habanero-type, 1" wide by 3" long top-shaped golden-yellow fruits. Excellent citrusy flavor, but very hot. Very few seeds. Excellent choice for pots. 90 days from transplant. Package of 10 seeds $2.95

PEP316 Feher Ozon Paprika ( Paprika Pepper 1500 Scoville Units ) All-around excellent paprika pepper for quality and performance. Extremely productive plants produce 3" by 4-5" long fruits that have exceptionally sweet flesh. 80-85 days from transplant. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP093 Filius Blue ( Hot Pepper 20000-30000 Scoville Units ) A beauty that's as versatile ornamentally as it is to eat it. Plants produce unusual purplish foliage and fruits that are purplish-blue and are very hot when young, turning red and mild as they mature. 80 days.. Small, ovoid chillies start out a purple-blue colour which they remain for a long time before ripening top red. Filius Blue chillies are unusual in that they lose their heat when they ripen to red. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP095 Garden Salsa Hybrid ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 3000 Scoville Units ) A hybrid chili developed specifically to capitalize on the popularity of Mexican sauces. Fruits are 8 in. wide by 1 in. across and are usually picked green to use in salsa. Ripens to deep red. Classed as medium-hot, although will get hotter in dry weather. Tobacco Mosaic Resistant. 73 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP274 Georgia Flame ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 15000-30000 SU ) 75-80 days. A medium-hot pepper with spicy flavor. Makes a nice salsa. Deep red peppers are 1 3/4-2 inches at the shoulder tapering to 6-8 inches long. From the Republic of Georgia. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP064 Giant Aconcagua ( Sweet Pepper ) Flavor as sweet as apples! Gourmet chefs use them in salads, stir-fried, roasted and stuffed. Long fruits grow up to 11 inches and can weigh up to 12 ounces. Best flavor at light green stage. 70 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP096 Goat Horn ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 1000-5000 SU ) Long, curled, pepper is medium-hot pepper is deep green, turning to cherry red with maturity. Plentiful fruits are 5 inches long 1 inch thick. 70 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP334 Guajillo ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 5000-7500 SU ) Mid-hot, 6 x 1", distinctive flavor, great dried, 85 days. Package of 10 seeds $2.95

PEP294 Hungarian Hot Black ( Spicy, Warm to Mildly Hot Pepper 1000-5000 SU) 75 days. Unique, black-colored fruit that are the shape of a Jalapeno. They are mildly hot and have a delicious flavor. The tall plants have beautiful purple flowers that make this variety very ornamental. Rare and colorful! 15 seeds $2.95

PEP100 Hungarian Yellow Wax ( Very Hot Pepper! 5000-30000 SU ) Spicy, fairly hot, banana shaped fruits. 67 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP102 Jalapa Hybrid ( Very Hot Pepper! 6000-10000 SU ) The premier early hybrid Jalapeno, named for the Mexican town where Jalapeno peppers were originated. Fruits, 2-1/2 by 1", are thick-walled, tapered to blunt tips. Matures green to red, good for short growing seasons. Compact plants yield heavily. 65 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP124 Jalapeno Fresh Market ( Hot Pepper 3500-5000 SU ) 72 days Dark green tapered fruit 3 x 1" turning red. Good pickling or fresh market. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP255 Jalapeno M ( Very Hot Pepper! 3500-5000 SU ) The best-known pickled pepper, and a favorite for Tex-Mex dishes nationwide. Green pods 3 inches long. 72 days 15 seeds $2.15

PEP319 Japones Hot ( Very Hot Pepper! 15000-35000 SU ) Ultra hot, used in Szechwan spices, red 2" x ¼", large clusters of 6-8 pods, upright bush, 80 days. Package of 10 seeds $2.95

PEP326 Ladybug F1 Hot Pepper ( Ornamental Hot Pepper 5000-30000 SU ) New! Miniature hot cherry. Attractive, small, semi-flattened fruits. Similar heat to Cherry Bomb. Too small for stuffing, but excellent for fresh use or mini-sized cherry pickles. Also useful as an ornamental variety. Good for container growing. Package of 10 seeds $3.95

PEP214 Numex Twilight ( Ornamental Hot Pepper 1000-1500 SU ) Sunset colored fruits start out purple and ripen to yellow, orange and then red. Excellent pot plants only growing a foot tall and loaded with fruits. Excellent hot sauce peppers. Package of 15 seeds, $2.25

PEP312 Orange Thai Pepper ( Ornamental Hot Pepper 30000-45000 SU ) Beautiful, hot and useful ornamental, a real show stopper when all the fruits turn from green to orange in late summer. Loaded with 2-2½" long finger-shaped fruits. Great for drying and using for seasoning. Very easy for pot culture and, if started early enough, two crops are possible. 80-90 days from transplant. Package of 10 seeds $2.15

PEP314 Peach Habanero ( Very Hot Pepper! 200000-300000 SU ) Probably the best habanero for pots, compact 16-18" plants are absolutely loaded with peach-colored fruits. 95-100 days from transplant. Seeds from SSE. 10 seeds $2.95

PEP112 Pretty Purple ( Very Hot Pepper! 30000-40000 SU ) Amazingly beautiful it's all purple leaves, stems, flowers and unripe peppers. Makes for a striking show in the garden. Plants hold color from seedlings until full-grown to 30" tall. Extremely hot fruits ripen to red. Dries well. 75 days. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP241 Red Chili ( Very Hot Pepper! 15000-30000 SU ) A compact plant excellent for containers and hot, 60-80 thousand Scoville heat units!. 80 days. Pepper grow to 1 1/2 inches long by 1/2 inch wide, tapering to a blunt point. Plants grow to 20 inches. 25 seeds $2.15

PEP342 Red Hot Chili ( Very Hot Pepper! 25000-40000 SU ) Medium green turning red, thin wall, ½ x 2½", 82 days, one of the best chili types. Package of 15 seeds $2.35

2781 Ring of Fire Cayenne ( Very Hot! Pepper 70000-85000 SU ) Classic cayenne shape with fiery flavor. Hot, straight and tapered fruits turn red when ripe. Plant produces abundantly. Good dried or fresh. Sow seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last spring frost. Transplant when soils are warm, spacing seedlings 12-18 inches apart. Enrich soil with mature compost. Needs warm conditions day and night to germinate and fruit well. Harvesting tips. Red when ripe, pick at the peak of color. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP250 Riot ( Ornamental Hot Pepper 5000-10000 SU ) New! Striking, flame-like appearance. Fiery rainbow spikes of color almost explode from the short, bushy little plants. Great container and pack sale item, for garden and walkway borders. Riot is also a spicy little number when used in cooking. Developed by Dr. Jim Baggett at Oregon State University. Organically grown seeds. Days to Maturity: 50 days yellow, 70 days red ripe. 15 seeds $2.25

PEP322 Rooster Spur ( Very Hot Pepper! 20000-30000 SU ) New seeds from SSE. Rare pepper from Virgil T. Ainsworth of Laurel, Mississippi. Grown in his family for more than 100 years. Traditionally used to make Rooster Pepper Sausage. Plants are loaded with 1 1/2" fruits, 24" tall. Very nice for pots. 95 days from transplant. Package of 15 seeds $2.25

PEP118 Serrano Chili ( Very Hot Pepper! 10000-25000 SU ) Very hot, whether green or mature red, this flavorful pepper is perfect for chili sauce, salsa, hot pepper and vinegar and pickles. Vigorous 30" plants are laden with these 2" medium thick walls. 85 days. 25 seeds $2.15

PEP218 Serrano Tampiqueno ( Very Hot Pepper! 2500-5000 SU ) The most popular serrano in Mexico. The very hot, candle flame shaped fruits are 2½" x ½", light green maturing to orange red with medium thick walls and their own unique flavor. 2-3 ft. tall plants are vigorous and ever bearing. Good for the home and market gardens. Package of 15 seeds, $2.25

PEP343 Sport ( Very Hot Pepper! 15000-20000 SU ) For Chicago hot dog salsa, green to red, thin wall, ½ x 2", 75 days. Package of 15 seeds $2.35

PEP007 Super Chili Hybrid ( Chile Type Hot! Pepper 20000-40000 SU ) One of the most pungent chili peppers available. Very ornamental, semi-compact, 24" plant bearing 2-1/2" elongated fruits with plenty of chili pepper. Bred for increased yields. Bring plants in where winter is severe to have a continuous supply of these peppers all winter. Ripens to green to orange to red. Ideal for patio, container, and windowsill gardens. 75 days. 20 seeds $2.15

PEP120 Tabasco ( Very Hot Pepper! 30000-50000 SU ) 81 days. Exceptionally hot - one of the hottest peppers ever developed. Bred for the famous extra-hot Tabasco sauce. Fruits ripen from yellow-green to red, and are easily harvested. Vigorous, high-yielding. 15 seeds $2.15

PEP297 Thai Hot ( Very Hot Pepper! 5000-10000 SU ) A great little pepper to grow in pots or in the garden. Absolutely loaded with little ½" fruits ripening from green to red, averages 200 fruits per plant, very hot!. If picked clean, a nice second crop will set on just in time for your holiday decorations. 85 days from transplant Package of 15 seeds $2.95

PEP287 Thai Yellow Chili ( Chile Type Hot Pepper 5000-10000 SU ) The golden-yellow version of the Thai pepper. Fruit is also very hot and flavorful. Used less than the red chili, these are still seen in most every market in Thailand. Beautiful. Seed collected in Thailand. 15 seeds $2.50

PEP267 White Habanero Pepper ( Very Hot Pepper! 100000-300000 SU) A wonderful new addition to an old favorite. Small bushy plants yield loads of these 1"-2" creamy-white, top-shaped fruit. This Caribbean variety is a favorite for its smoky taste and extreme heat. Ornamental and unique. Package of 10 seeds $2.15

Petikan dari laman web cili:-

http://www.seedman.com/pepper.htm Happy Farmers Day from PAK TANI.