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Thursday, July 9, 2009

PPSMI issue - Comment from a farmer

Greeting from pak tani, Lately there is a havoc in Malaysia on this silly PPSMI issue. Every single-minded person in all walk of life is giving their idea, comment, or at least a few words either agree or disagree. Some even do not really understand what is actually happen or what is the real issue behind all this nonsense. The question is whether this "PPSMI" (pengajaran pelajaran sains dan matematik dalam bahasa inggeris) has achieved their goal set way back in the last 6 year before the implementation. If it is based on yesterday news from Muhyidin that our government has scrapped it, then it was a FAILED policy. What was the real motif on this PPSMI? Was it want to improve student on Science and Math subjects, or was it to teach student on English subject? If you ask any farmer how to plant RED chili, then they will say you need a RED chilli seed. Then the output should be RED CHILI fruit if you care it properly till the end. You don't use melon seed to plant together with chilli which end up with complicated plant tree and root. The result maybe a crook chilli with flat melon. Conclusion is if you want our kid to learn English then concentrate and teach them English subject. Teach Math or Science accordingly as per the subject itself and do not mix with others. Language is a separate issue. "Satu satu laaa... baru budak tak pening" Teach what ever skill and knowledge in the language that they know. In our case we use Bahasa Melayu. Pity for those from remote area especially Malay which is very poor in English. Furthermore Math is not an easy subject too. Then Science is more complicated. If they failed English, so do the Math and Science. Last time mostly will failed only one english subject and still able to further their study. But now they failed all the 3 subjects. That's why many of them really success as " Mat Rempit". It is easy to learn to compare with these 3 subjects. But hey, mind you that the policy was done by genius people; academician, politician, professors and what have you. Surely they have done a research, test run and look at every angle of it. Yes they are genius but with their own agenda. So stupid people like us will carry the burden. Finally our kids will suffer. Or maybe they want our kid to be a farmer like us instead of replacing them in the future. Is it true? We as a farmer is wondering. We are from a suspicous lot. What can you do....... " Lu pikir la sendiri...."


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