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Sunday, July 5, 2009

More on fertigation system

During weeek end, there was another busy routine for us. We started work at 8.30 am. Again, we and our 2 boys team were struggling to complete the second phase of fertigation system which is critical to reduce workload in dry season. Manual watering system is very tough to cover a wide area and the water spill will make the place uncomfortable to walk. There was a few incident happened which our members were slip down. This will also create a lot of wastage for AB fertilizer. We ordered all the piping, fittings and related connectors but end up with few shortages for the On-Off valves. Then had to rush again to hardware shop. Even in theory it looks simple to install the system but once you do it yourself you will know how crucial is your past hands on experience will help. All the pipes and joints need to be measured, cut and tightened properly. And under the hot sun, even a simple work will test your patient. We set our workplan as follow:- 1. Measure the pipe length for each line and cut. 2. Count how many total line required. 3. Determine the flow direction from the pump. 4. Set each location that required the On-Off valve. 5. Joint the main pipe with each supply pipe with T-joint and valve. 6. Drill hole on the pipeline per each polybag. 7. Close the end supply pipe with end cap. 8. Cut each microtube with standard length ( approx. 2 feet) for qty 1000 pcs. 9. Install the nipper into the hole and insert the micro tube. Since we have learned few tips on the first time, the work was quite smooth. After long and hard day without rest, we finally tested on 6pm once our system was fully installed. Still it could not function properly due to low pressure and leakage. Our friend Lan from teratak maya paid us a visit at noon. He sent us the balance of bamboo stick that we ordered last time. We still owed him the payment due last month. He is a very nice man and did not mind the delay. Our saving also dried up very fast as the cost of equipment nowdays is very high. The return of our investment has started coming in but in small amount. Daily average is between 15 to 20 kg. During a chit chat, he suggested to us for smaller micro pipe which will give more pressure. If we used his idea, then we need to go and buy another different set. As all of us already exhausted so we put it on hold to other day. We make use of our rest time to put bamboo stick on each of polybag since the third phase of Kulai King had started to bent and some of it, was already slanting. The time was not on our side as it seemed a lot of work has not been completed. The excess leaves and lower branches of Kulai King plants were not cut off yet. Many polybags needed to be replaced due to torn off. The chili need to pick for next day sale. The insect net has not been placed yet. The silvershine need put in at a new transit area. Then slowly the sun was going away........ Till the next day, the life and luck of a farmer is depend on Him, Allah the Great.


Atau348 said...

Good luck. What is the capacity (HP) of your water pump? My friends suggested higher capacity would be better.

Nizar - Project Manager said...

We bought 1HP for 1st 1K plants. Currently no budget to buy additional 2HP pump. People recommend me 2hp which able to cover 5K plant.
now with 3K plant we need to switch
to alternate watering system by section.
Tideous work.

Faedah Jaya said...

kunjungan pertamaku untuk blog ini, sungguh artikel yang ada disini memiliki kualitas content yang bermanfat bagi saya, tak heran bila blog pertanian banyak pengunjungnya? salam sukses :)