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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mentality and attitude of traditional farmer

OK, today we would like to talk about our traditional farmer.
In our land Malaysia, the people perception will focus on Malay farmers
with poor and lower living standard. They do not see beyond that even
many of our farmers are rich and wealthy especially those who are having
a big farm with modern machinery at work. Yes there is only in small numbers of them and with financial support from our government fund, subsidies and technical know how. Those selected people with money, knowledge, connection and far sighted view.
As such, if we suggest to our new generation to get involve in farming, mostly
will reject it outright. It is not a respectable career to start with and the work life
is not comfortable and clean to compare with even a factory worker.
Our new generation is looking for better environment, conditioning
room, spacious working area and within the city life. They do not look beyond that like a long term prospect, future income stability, work freedom and so on.
So after 5 to 10 years, they will get bored and start changing the platform
from one to another which end up having so little saving
or so much debt due to easy credit and crazy spending.
Farming has no future and so the other office jobs. Which one do your prefer?
Now you will only find old people running the farming industry here like in padi fields, rubber, coconut palms, oil palms and other crops. There are some area where the land is left idle as no people is willing to work on it or our old generation is no more capable to work.
For the old timer which is still in love or have to continue this tradition,
there are mostly not having any other choice other than to stick to it
till the end of lifetime.
With help from local LPP (Lembaga Persatuan Peladang) and many other agencies like FAMA, Mara, Mardi, DOA etc, our farmers still barely enough to live with good living standard and to provide better education to their children.
Everyday we can see in the newspaper and news that kids could not further studies due to financial problem, drop-out student with no where to go, parents turn to TV for donation, family with no food for days, social illness and many other bad news which is not a good sign for developing countries like us.
Yes, sorry to say that our farmers normally do not have a vision.
Do not know how to upgrade their standard, do not capable of implementing
new ideas and most of all do not have financial ability to expand their farming industry. Then this will lead them to nowhere and continue living in their own world of farming. Whose fault is this? For padi farmers for example, they will follow whatever routine set to them. When to plant, what fertilizer to use, where to sell and the cycle continue with little improvement. Beyond that is not in their mind. Come to an end of it, total income is barely enough to settle all the bills, debt, food and children education.
Our traditional farmers lack of knowledge, with no proper education,
with less modern agro-machine and technology. Then people will ask.
What about our neighbour Thailand?
They are able to do well and a lot of their stuff end up here with so much cheaper price to compare with us. Mango from Thailand are cheaper and nicer look. Durian from Thailand. Lychee, melons and other exotic fruits from Thailand.
Vegetables (sawi, chili, tomato, cucumber etc) also from Thailand. Tit bits and Assam fruits from Thailand. You just name it and it is from there. Why? Is it because we can not produce better?
Or because of our policy or any other "biru-crazy"? Remember at one time our chili price go up to RM18 to RM 20/kg. And then after "Siam mari" it was drop to nearly RM 1.80/kg. What has happen??? Our farmer also produce chili and what will happen to them. Burn chili like what happen to chicken at Johor in recent years.
We are able to produce on our own. We have enough land to cultivate and plant. Our land is suitable for any crops. We have people to work. We have knowledge and know how. We have technology. We have government to support us.
We have everything.
We need to change our mindset and teach our new generation on "green money"
to make a living. Old people can play their part as an adviser. Government must put aside of any policy which is not benefit to our farmers.
Or is it due to all above history and life-cycle that make our traditional farmers way of thinking. Their mind is already fed up with the drama, rhetoric and promises. They are no longer having a critical and creative mind to produce and improve quality and productivity.
We got no idea. Like what has been said by our famous Mr. Nabil....
"Lu fikir la sendiri!!!!!!"
(This is our own personal opinion and above article has no intention of hurting anybody.
Please use your own sense and judgement. We have right as stated in Human Right Declaration
to highlight our views)

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