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Monday, July 27, 2009

Me with Honey Jackfruit

Here I come with Honey Jackfruit and Jackfruit Banana. Very funny name ahhhh... In Malay word this type of Jack fruit is called "Nangka Madu" with slightly reddish in colour and has a very sweet taste. Retail price is higher and the size is bigger than normal jackfruit. It is very famous in Malaysia and sometime people export it out of country to Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. The other fruit is Jackfruit Banana. We call it "Pisang Nangka" which Malay do not eat it raw but need to fry with sweet flour. Quite similar to "Pisang Jelai". The size is also bigger than other normal banana types such as "Pisang Emas" gold banana, "Pisang Abu" dust banana. (Direct translation from Malay to English will give a strange meaning?. For this Jackfruit banana, some people will slice it to small pieces and dry under hot sun after mix with little salt. Taste is good. These two types of fruits we have planted last 3 years during our first lime farming project but in small qty. We plant Honey Jackfruits along the border of our farm to block strong wind. As for the banana tress, we use as a shadow to cover our lime fruits from hot sun. The lime plant is sensitive to extreme whether in early stage of 2 year period. As the plant was grown up, we cleared all the banana tree but the root is still growing till today. Banana species is hard to remove all as the seed in the soil is big and heavy. There are still many lime plants we keep for our side income. Last weekend we picked about 35kg of "Kasturi Lime" which gave us RM2.50/kg of wholesale price compare to RM0.70 last year. Now we have replaced all old plants with our chili with few left over which is still be able to produce fruits. Last 2 days we was lucky enough to smell the aroma of ripen jackfruit and manage to get it in good shape. The weight was more than 15kg. Sometime it was left rotten as we were busy with our chili project. It is good to have different varieties of fruits in our farm, then we can enjoy our own planted fruits instead of buying from the market. The sense of satisfaction and greatness is there even after long years of hard work . It is only applicable to those with big land and wide farming area and for Malay farmer, it is a rare phenomena. " Wish one day our dream come true. Born to be rich."

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