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Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to prune chili plant.

Chili plant that required pruning. You can see from the photo that there are many branches at the lowest part of chili plant. These branches should be removed in order to add extra boost for upper "Y" section for producing more chili fruits. This will help the plant to grow healthier and will be easier to take care for future fungus and disease control. We can see the fruits dangling below the branches during fruit picking season after the lower parts are cleared. 1. Cut the lowest branch. 2. Cutting the 2nd. lowest branch. 3. Remove the old leaves. 4. After pruning. Only the branch above "Y" are maintained for fruits production. Pruning process is a must do activities for all chili plants as part of making the plant healthier and stronger. It will also give the longevity life span and strength during windy season. Pruning is considered cultural practice for chili growers. By doing this method it will make the plant lower section grow bigger and stable. It will be able to hold more fruits and the branch is not easy to break. The result:- Branch above "Y" section will be able to produce bigger size of fruits and with good quality. The quantity of fruits will be increased as more nutrient will go direct to top branches. You will be able to see the result after 2 weeks from pruning process. The shape of plant looks more beautiful and rigid. And again if you find any extra new branches at lower section, these must be removed again as it will take more nutrient instead of supplying for fruit production. Hidup biar sihat. Selamat berjaya.



Awat hang guna playar? kan baik kalau guna sekatiur ( gunting pokok ). Apa pun tak apa janji putuskan he he

TQ for ur info

Nizar - Project Manager said...

Tu cutter la bukannya Playar. Chet guna untuk tut pokok limau. Biasanya chet guna tangan aje untuk pokok cabai. Tapi nak display kat blog huduh pulak.
Tima kaceh Anak Pak Utuh.

moufyiedarz said...

Nak tanye sikit. Macam mana teknik, kaedah tau tip nak pruning cili api. Takkan cili api pun nak biarkan jadi Y?